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Top Signs that You Might Need to Consider Windshield Replacement

Many car owners don’t think about it, but your windshield serves as an important barrier between you and the road ahead of you when you are driving or even riding in your car. It is extremely important for you and your family’s safety, to be able to depend on that very windshield. That is why

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Windshield Chip Repair Process

You’re driving down the road and TINK! a rock bounces off your windshield. You watch in horror as the crack starts to develop. Don’t worry. CrackmastersOttawa can fix it with our quick four-step process. First, we clean out the chip or crack to remove any dirt or debris that has collected in the damage. We

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Windshield repair

Windshield repair  www.crackmastersottawa.com You know there are certain things you have to do to care for your car in the winter, like putting on snow tires, keeping tires properly inflated, and using antifreeze. But we’ll bet you didn’t know that you have to take care of your windshield. So how do you do it? www.crackmastersottawa.com Keep

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Windshield Repair

www.crackmastrersottawa.com Windshield Repair You may have seen this ABC 20/20 report years ago that included a behind the scenes investigation of how many windshield companies perform windshield replacements. It highlighted some of the common mistakes installers make, such as not wearing gloves or improperly communicating safe drive-away times. But there’s another mistake all the installers in

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